About STA

Stockton Teachers Association

The voice of
STA Teachers

We dedicate ourselves with unceasing effort to:

  • Seek consistently higher levels of student achievement
  • Promote in public education and in the union democratic dynamics, fairness, and due process for all
  • Improve the quality of the teaching force
  • Improve the terms and conditions under which adults and children work and learn

Our Vision and Values

Stockton Teachers Association is an association of professional educators who represent, support and advocate for all teachers of the Stockton Unified School District in a fair, open and equitable manner.

Stockton Teachers Association


PROTECT teachers’ rights through contract negotiations and enforcement

MAINTAIN a strong organization

PROVIDE professional growth and development activities

PROVIDE educational leadership and vision for progress and change

BUILD community alliances and networks

Meet the Team

Our Leadership

Executive Board

Dr. Christopher Anderson


Christopher Anderson

Vice President

Cynthia Hammond


Sue Rodgers


Board Members

Ed Auerbach

High School Director

Kyle Moore

High School Director

High School Director

Silvia Cantu

Intermediate Director

Robert Love

Intermediate Director

Maiya Lee-Morrison

Intermediate Director

Bruce Mercado

Primary Director

Nick Golden

Primary Director

Nanciele Massone

Primary Director

State Council

Erich Myers

Nanciele Massone

Christopher Anderson

STA Office

La Nita Dominique-Tate

CTA Regional UniServ Staff

Jennifer Sybounheuang

Administrative Assistant/Membership Coordinator